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Who is the most guilty among the four? A logical question!

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Professional Debator
Here is an interesting question for debating.

There was a village where a boy and a girl used to live.They used to live in two different sides of the village. They were in love with each other.
The boy was applying for abroad studies. He got his Visa. He has to fly to USA the next day,so he calls his girlfriend and tells her that he couldn't meet her to say goodbye and that he would meet her after 3 years only. She tells him she wants to meet him but he asks her it is not possible so lets say goodbye from the phone only.
After the call, the girl is still desperate to meet her boyfriend. So she decides to go to his place anyway. The way to his house is a difficult one. There is a large river on the path and its the rainy season. The river is sure to be flooded. She departs from home. She reaches the river. she asks a boat man to take her across the river.He denies owing to the fact that its very risky to cross the river at such time. She pleads him but he turn a deaf ear. After seeing she is desperate, he proposes a deal, he tells her that if she lets him have sexual intercourse with her he would take her across the river. She agrees. They have sex and he takes her to the other side.
When she reaches the boys place and meets him, along everything else she tells him that she had sex with the boatman to come to his place and tells she is honest with him.
Hearing this the boy gets angry and declares that it is the end of their relationship. He tells her that he cannot marry a girl who has had sex with someone else. He leaves for USA.

The girl is sad and hopeless. She cries and cries. She is wandering here and there. Then a person from the village takes her to his home and gives her comforting words and advice. He provides her the meal and a place to sleep.

That's the end of the story. Now you need to tell who do u think is very evil and who is very good according to the ranking (1, 2,3,4) and why?. There is no correct answer to this. Tell whatever u like but give your logic to support your answer.Let's debate!!!!!

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rather then villager all are kattam in a way.
OK Ranking,

1st -------- Villager ( Good Person )
2nd -------- Girl ( Crazy in love; Have to be practical )
3rd -------- Boy ( I bet..... you can't get more perfect girl for you )
4th -------- Boat man ( Smart Villein )

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General Debator
of course 1st is villager ( kind guy)
2nd is Girl(desperate in love which is not good but ignorant of the practical world)
3rd or 4th is boy and boatman(becoz both are equally villanious character) If i was there i wud have just knocked them down..idiots

i don't know y men always have this gal as (a sex thing,a sober showpiece or representative of a standard or prestigious family) thing in their mind..why can't people leave gal alone..i don't know y always gal have to carry this sober representation..can't a gal be wild or adventurous... ???

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