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Send Free SMS to Nepal (Supports both NTC and Ncell)

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With this software, you can send SMS' to Nepal for free. As of now, it supports both NCell and NTC numbers.

You need to be a member of hardcoremovietalk.com before you can use the program. Just click on 'Register' button to register for an account. Registration is completely free.

[Click here to register on hardcoremovietalk.com]

After downloading the zip file, Unzip it. Open Setup.exe to run the setup. Run the program with administrator privilege. (Right click Setup.exe > Run As)
Please close all the open tasks before installing the program.

Send Free SMS to Nepal (Supports both NTC and Ncell) Login

Launch the program 'HMT FREE SMS', after the installation is complete. A dialog box will pop up asking you to enter your username and password on HardcoreMovieTalk.com. Enter the username and password and press Login.

Send Free SMS to Nepal (Supports both NTC and Ncell) Sendsms

Now, you'll see a new dialog box, enter the required information, such as recepient's number, message and then input the corrrect captcha. If any captcha text is unclear then press Reload for a new captcha text. After filling out the correct captcha entry, press Send SMS.

Send Free SMS to Nepal (Supports both NTC and Ncell) Sent

The bar on the bottom displays the status of the program. Next, a message box will pop up saying whether the SMS was sent or not.


PS. This is the beta version of the software. There might be bugs. Let me know if you find any. This program is free to use and distribute.

Created by ME.

Click to download the software
: Download SETUP HMT.
File Size : 1.69 Mb.

Virus Scan
Send Free SMS to Nepal (Supports both NTC and Ncell) Virusscan


Known Issues & Solution

While running the Setup.exe file, it may sometimes show the following error " Setup fatal error - Error generating installation log file error".

Solution : On Windows XP, Right Click on the Setup.exe file. Click Run as. Select 'The Following User' and enter your administrator username and password.Click on Ok. The program should work.
On Windows 7 and Vista, Right Click on the setup.exe file. Click on Run as Administrator. Enter the login information. Hit Enter.

Instead of Administrator username and password, entering the username and password of the account with admin privilege also solves the problem.

Support thread : http://www.hardcoremovietalk.com/Thread-Send-Free-SMS-to-Nepal

Thanks. Please don't flame if you face any bugs. I am not a pro in programming.

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