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As the storm spread into North Carolina, winds of around 40 mph (64 km/h) were observed, causing light damage. Able spawned a tornado in Stokes County, which damaged a few farm buildings.[1] Rainfall in the state peaked at 6.11 in (155 mm) in Carthage.[7] The rainfall caused low-flooding, covering a few highways and washing out a few roads. Damage in the state is estimated less than $50,000 (1952 USD, $414 thousand 2011 USD).[1]
In the Mid-Atlantic states, moderate rainfall continued along the storm's path, including 4.97 in (126 mm) at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. The peak rainfall in each state was 5.60 in (142 mm) in Big Meadows, Virginia, 6.09 in (155 mm) in Emmitsburg, Maryland, 4.06 in (103 mm) in two locations in West Virginia, and 2.55 in (65 mm) in Wilmington, Delaware.[11] The rainfall caused flooding across the region,[1] which washed out the tracks of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad near Baltimore after a stream rose above its banks. In Ellicott City, Maryland, the rains flooded several houses, forcing families to evacuate.[12] In addition, Able maintained stronger winds in the region, producing a gust of 60 mph (97 km/h) at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The winds downed trees and power lines, which disrupted power and telephone service. The storm also spawned a damaging tornado in Franconia, Virginia, which was potentially the same as another tornado in Potomac, Maryland.[1] The former tornado destroyed one house and the roofs of two others, and also flung a car 100 ft (30 m).[12] Damage in the area was estimated at around $500,000 (1952 USD, $4.14 million 2011 USD).[1] Further northeast, rainfall reached over 6 in (150 mm) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York,[11] resulting in localized flooding[1] and damage to the fruit crop.[12] One indirect death was reported in Pennsylvania. Across New England, Able produced 13 in (2575 mm) of rainfall.[1]

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