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Convenience Stores

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1 Convenience Stores on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:39 pm

Customer service has become utmost important in today’s industry. Convenience stores give their customers what they want by making use of the latest technology. One such convenience store is Quick Chek, where customers don’t even need to ask. The customer service is enhanced by the company’s Fast Lane Self Checkout which allows cashiers to focus on the customer, rather than the SKU’s they are purchasing. They stand behind the counter, welcoming and establishing eye contact. The system helps them to actually lean and see every screen without having to come from behind the counter. This way they really assist the customer with any issue that they may have. This innovation led them to be honored as CSP Retail leader of the year.
‘Think like your customers’. This is another principle used by many of the stores in the United States and Canada. Some of the store owners know that vendors stocking the stores could cause unappealing congestion. Vendors are lead through a door at the back directly into the cooler, without their customers even knowing they were there. To fully understand their customers, the stores have an observation area, which overlooks the store. Besides assisting the training supervision, it allows management to observe consumer behavior and make the necessary changes based on that behavior. Some stores put in a canopy that allows customers to go from the pumps to the store without dealing with inclement weather.
Distinctive foodservice is another way to provide better customer service. The owner of Tiger Farms market in Burleson, Texas, ali sharaf, hopes that his produce and other organic offerings mean for the customer a unique health food store that happens to sell gasoline.

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