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Postal Codes of Nepal!

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1Postal Codes of Nepal! - Page 2 Empty Postal Codes of Nepal! on Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:40 pm

Black Knight

Black Knight
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First topic message reminder :

District Post OfficePostal/Pin Code
Achham Achham10700
Achham Chaurpati10701
Achham Srikot10702
Achham Thanti10703
Achham Mellekh10704
Achham Bayalpata10705
Achham Bhatakatiya10706
Achham Jayagadh10707
Achham Kalagaun10709
Achham Kuchikot10710
Achham Kamal bazar10711
Achham Dhakari10712
Achham Turmakhad10713
Arghakhanchi Arghakhanchi32700
Arghakhanchi Balkot32701
Arghakhanchi Arghatosh32702
Arghakhanchi Khana32703
Arghakhanchi Wangla32704
Arghakhanchi Hamshapur32705
Arghakhanchi Thada32706
Arghakhanchi Khilji32708
Arghakhanchi Khidim32709
Arghakhanchi Pali32710
Arghakhanchi Dhikura32711
Arghakhanchi Argha32712
Arghakhanchi Subarnakhal32713

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26Postal Codes of Nepal! - Page 2 Empty Re: Postal Codes of Nepal! on Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:05 am

Razor Blade

Razor Blade
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Never mind IW.
Friends are for arenot they???

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