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The club selected its name and logo as an homage to Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The team's distinctive pink, grey and black jerseys were also modeled after Hart's ring attire.[5] The logo proved immensely popular and Hitmen merchandise sold well at many local retailers.[6] However, the name and logo were also subject to heavy criticism from segments of the public and the business community, who panned both as negative stereotypes of violence within the sport.[7] Among the chief critics of the new logo was the Flames organization. They had received calls from concerned business people over theme and shared that sentiment.[8] Struggling to attract corporate sponsors, the Hitmen chose to scrap the "Jason Voorhees"-style logo in favour of an alternate "starburst" logo just two months after it was unveiled.[9] The club went back to the original logo in 1996.[10]

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