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Before leaving England

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Before leaving England in 1189, Richard put the Tower of London in Longchamp's hands and appointed him jointly with Hugh de Puiset, the Bishop of Durham, to the office of Chief Justiciar,[11] at that time not strictly a judicial office. Instead, the justiciar was the person entrusted with much of the king's authority when the king was outside the kingdom, able to act in the king's name.[17] Along with Puiset, the king named Hugh Bardulf, William Briwerre, Geoffrey fitz Peter, and William Marshall as associates in the justiciarship.[18] As Justiciar, Longchamp sent judges throughout the country to visit the shires on judicial visits, even though he had no previous knowledge of the judiciary.[19] The two bishops were unable to work together, and so in March 1190 Richard gave authority north of the River Humber to Hugh, and authority south of the river to Longchamp. By June, Longchamp had eased Hugh out of power and office,[11] and received a commission as a papal legate from Pope Clement III.[16] Supposedly Richard paid 1,500 marks (2,250) to the papacy to secure the legateship for Longchamp.[20]

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