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I Will Not Leave You In 2010

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1 I Will Not Leave You In 2010 on Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:03 pm


I Will Not Leave You In 2010
That horrible year is over
The leaves fell, the snows fell
The holidays were gotten through
the first christmas without you
the first midnight on New Years Eve
the first birthday that I couldn't sing to you
my first birthday that you couldn't call me

New memories being made
in which you are just a memory
Happiness will never give me your smile again

As these doors close
as these footfalls echo down halls
further and further away
from the room where you laid
The weight does not get lighter
I will not leave you in 2010

And even with time - all the time in the world...
I will love you exactly as I always have
and miss you with all my heart
I will not leave you in

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