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Although the Parents

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Although the Parents Television Council, a frequent Family Guy critic, did not name "Road to the Multiverse" its "Worst TV Show of the Week", it did refer to this episode in its negative review of the following episode, "Family Goy". The review noted that the appearance of the Griffin family's Jewish neighbor, Mort Goldman, in "Multiverse" was notable since, in the Disney parody, Mort was beaten to a bloody pulp by Disney-inspired versions of the cast—a reference to Walt Disney's purported antisemitism. The review goes on to state, "apparently, in Seth MacFarlane's mind, the best way to fight anti-Semitism is with more anti-Semitism. One must wonder what young, angry, disaffected bigots tuning into the show must think. All they see is a nebbish stereotype getting his teeth knocked out of his skull and a blood-soaked Star of David tumbling to the floor."[38]

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