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Once they have

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Once they have all four key cards, Bart and Homer infiltrate the creator's mansion. They are greeted by Matt Groening, who sends Futurama characters Bender and Dr. Zoidberg after them. The family manages to defeat them, however, and Groening admits that he is only creating new games for the money, and destroys the game engine. The Simpsons, along with several other characters from the games escape to Springfield, where the aliens are still attacking. Lisa uses her power to create a stairway to heaven, and the family asks God for advice. After he is defeated in a game of Dance Dance Revolution, God reveals that he dropped the video game manual by accident, thus endowing the family with superpowers. Realizing his misdemeanor, he promises to restore Springfield, and that no more Simpsons games will be released that would make the current characters obsolete.[7]

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