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1 Discussion@chautari on Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:12 pm

Dear all
Martin Chautari is organizing the following discussions this week at its premises, i. e. Block No. 27 Jeetjang Marga, Thapathali (Phone No. 4-238050/4-102027/4-240243; Fax: 4-240059):

Aaitabare Discussion Series (Sunday)
15 June 2008 / 1 Ashad 2065 Time: 3 pm

Topic: Federal State: What Should be the Structure for 'New Nepal'

Pundits: Prof. Dr. Lokraj Baral, Nepal Center for Contemporary Studies (NCCS).

Regular Discussion Series of PASS Nepal (Monday)

16 June 2008 / 2 Ashad 2065 Time: 3 pm

Topic: 'How to Propose' and Other Stories from the World of Thesis Writing.

Pundit: Dr. Pratyoush Onta, Historian and Co-editor, Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS).

Mangalbare Discussion Series (Tuesday)
17 June 2008 / 3 Ashad 2065 Time: 5 pm

Topic: Haiku in Nepali.

Pundits: Pushkar Lohani, Mohan Bdr. Kayastha, and Bishnu Bdr. Singh, Literateur.

Media Discussion Series (Thursday)
19 June 2008 / 5 Ashad 2065 Time: 3 pm

Topic: Lack of Investigation on Investigative Journalism.

Pundits: Shiva Gaunle, Journalist and Others.

Youth Discussion Series (Friday)
20 June 2008 / 6 Ashad 2064 Time: 3 pm

Topic: ''UNGASS Youth Review... Where We are?

Pundits: Ajay Kumar Uprety, Vinita Sharma & Nabina Sharma, Global Youth Coalition HIV/ AIDS (GYCA) Nepal.

Discussions take place at Martin Chautari.

- every Sunday at 3:00 pm on various issues of Research and Politics,
- every Monday at 3:00 pm on various issues of Social Sciences organized by PASS Nepal,
- every Tuesday at 5:00 pm on various topics,

- every Thursday at 3:00 pm on media related issues and
- every Friday at 3:00 pm on youth related issues (Youth Initiative in collaboration with Martin Chautari organizes Youth Discussion Series).

- every Saturday at 4:00 pm on various isms, principles, concepts, ideas and the like (MAPS in collaboration with Martin Chautari organizes Shastrartha Series)

The schedule of Chautari's upcoming discussions is also available on its website http://www.martinchautari.org.np . Participation is open to all. Unless otherwise stated, all discussions take place in the Nepali language.

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