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...to what extent?

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1...to what extent? Empty ...to what extent? on Tue May 20, 2008 12:00 pm


"When people get older dreams come to an end and the desires get weaker"..to what extent do you think it's true?

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2...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Wed May 21, 2008 2:18 am


General Debator
General Debator
very true.
when people get older, they have to face the harse realities of life. the responsibilities of maturity forces us to be practical. the orthodox teaching of society and the mundane existance of our life will squeeze out every ounce of imagination and creativity that we have.
in the end we will all turn into sheeps , following the herd to the slaughter house

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3...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Wed May 21, 2008 11:49 pm


General Debator
General Debator
I had just come acroos this poem and i know it's pretty long but if you go through u'll know why i posted it
it's abt someone granny but i felt it had a message for everyone out there who's growing older by the day and scared of it

My Granny(was a bore but she isn’t anymore)

Natalie Newman. Beryl Cook

Granny learnt to dance at 82.
A really odd-type thng to do.
And when she’d learnt both
Tap and ballet,
She changed her name from maude to sally.
She took to eating lunch and tea
While sitting on her favorite tree.

She tried to fly one late June day(no, not the conventional way, but from the window, with an umbrella)

Even though we tried to tell her;
Do not do it, granny dear”
She simply said she could not hear.

She said, “till now I’ve done things right,
I’ve never stayed up all the night,
Or learnt a great magician’s trick,
Or eaten cake until I’m sick,
Or acted hamlet on the stage.
A million things I’ve never done,
And so, when I was eighty-one,
I thought I’d better have some fun,
I was too busy, don’t you see,
To ever really just be me.”

She’s now become a football freak,
Plays in her team most every week.
She’s learning how to drive a train.
And studying French to test her brain.

She hasn’t time to knit or sew.
She’s mining next week in a pit.
She never sits and stares in space,
Her house is known as the in-place.

She’s brought herself some old blue jeans,
And frankly lives beyond her means.

You never hear her grump or grouse;
She just acquired a white pet mouse.

She wants to be great explorer.
When she conducts her fans just adore her.

She cannot understand the fuss
Because she’s just brought her own red bus.

She starts each day with chocolate cream,
And has the most exotic dreams.

We said, “Don’t rush” but she just laughed
And overdrew her overdraft.

Her tax demands he threw away,
She never liked it anyway

Some people thought she’d gone mad;
Relations said ,” it’s very sad,
She used to be so quiet and sane
Her way of life was very plain;
She cleaned the house and made the tea
And had arthritis in her knee-
She was quiet usual, you see!”

She’s not anymore of that I’m sure.
She’s singing on the telly soon;
She’s brought a ticket to the moon.
She’s written a dramatic play
(it’s quite outrageous, so they say)

I asked her why she’d done all this;
She said that I should know
That grandma just aren’t all the y seem
That though they’re old and slow,
Exciting thoughts are going on-
It’s just that they don’t show.
She learnt to cook a la Françoise.
She gambles at roulette
It seems that she’s changed in every way
But she says not to fret

She’s never like the counting game
They make old people play,

Adding years is just insane-
Why count your life away?
If being old becomes a chore
Don’t dwell upon it anymore,
The young in hearts have lot in store.

My granny was a frightful bore,
Buts she isn’t
No, she isn’t
No, she definitely isn’t

If you dwell on being older by the day then you'll become blind towards all the fun life has to offer you.

it's only when you live your life on the principle of one new day, one new experience and how am i going to live it, shape it to make it go my way that'll u'll truly understand the meaning of living.

By getting older does not mean that all the creativity in your life imagination and desires will seep away just because you now have more responsibility than before. And having responsibility does not mean that u have to sacrifice your funs in life just bcoz u need to be serious.

You can act responsible and enjoy life at the same time.
and if' ure happy u can carry out ur responsiblity more effectively.

It’s you own choice
Do u want to live your life or let life live you

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4...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Sat May 31, 2008 4:42 am

it doesn't have its own limitations .....desires may be weaker due to the change in the periods.......older dreams should get its end coz they comes end by knowing tomorrow

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5...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:35 am


Active Debator
Active Debator
Nice poem ariee...
Quite a nice way to mold opinions.

Some...grow mentally younger as they grow physically older.

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6...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:07 pm

InViSible Wolf

InViSible Wolf
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Active Debator
dont think so

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7...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Sat Jun 28, 2008 1:03 am

Razor Blade

Razor Blade
Advanced Debator
Advanced Debator
Agreeing with blaze of glory some have different habit of living life.
I have seen an old man of around 85 who loves riding cycle, climbing trees and playing with kids. It all about the dreams u have and dedication to complete them. Age doesnot matter.

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8...to what extent? Empty Re: ...to what extent? on Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:16 am


Active Debator
Active Debator
Author: Johnny Mercer


"The falling leaves, drift by my windows.
The Autumn leaves of red and gold.
I see your lips, the Summer kisses,
global sourcing
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