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Do not mock the people having strong worldly bonds

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Do not mock the people having strong worldly bonds

Your bond with creation should be strong so that you can prove that you can break even the strong bond for the sake of the God. The strength of your bond to the world is a measure of your love to God, which is proved in the context. The strength of your bond to an item of the world should be just diverted to God. The strong bond remains as such and you have to simply replace the object of the bond. Therefore, the strong bond is appreciable

Bilhana was so much immersed in the love of his darling, Yamini Purnatilaka that He was unable to sense even the feeling that his leg touched a sage during his walk. The sage became very angry and shouted to curse him. But, Bilhana asked the sage that how the sage immersed in the God, could sense the touch of his leg, while the same was not felt by him. The sage appreciated the strength of the bond of Bilhana and realized that the same strength was not in his bond to God.

The sage preached about the eternal beauty of Lord Krishna and replaced his darling by Lord Krishna. In the case of Bilhana, the same strong bond continued for God also and he got salvation. Therefore, whatever may be the object of the world, if your bond is intensified with it, there is nothing wrong. If you simply replace the object by God, you will be blessed by the God.

Hence, do not mock the people having strong worldly bonds. A time may come and they may replace the objects of their bonds by God. In such case, they will reach God faster than you. A person is running well in the opposite direction. You are just walking in the right direction. If that person is turned to the right direction by the guidance of some guide, he will cross you in no time!

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