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South Carolina

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When Able moved ashore in South Carolina, the western eyewall moved over Beaufort, where winds of up to 90 mph (140 km/h) were reported.[1] The town received heavy damage from the storm, with houses losing their roofs and downed trees blocking roads due to the winds.[8] For several hours, Beaufort was isolated after the winds downed power and telephone lines.[9] The strongest winds over land were unknown, as they crossed over an unpopulated swampy area. Winds in Charleston reached 63 mph (101 km/h), about 50 mi (80 km) east of where the storm made landfall.[1] There, the hurricane caused two serious injuries and left streets flooded to ankle-deep water.[8] Able also swept a freighter ashore near Charleston.[10] The storm dropped heavy rainfall in the state, peaking at 6.53 in (166 mm) in Conway.[7] The combination of the rainfall and winds left heavy damage to the cotton industry, and crop damage in the state totaled $1.5 million (1952 USD, $12.4 million 2011 USD). Other damage in the state resulted from property and communications, totaling about $700,000 (1952 USD, $5.79 million 2011 USD). The hurricane also caused two indirect deaths in the state, one from touching a downed power line, and the other from driving into a fallen tree during a period of heavy rain.[1]

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